Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Central Park Love (again).

Okay. So I know I've posted these same sentiments before. But again I say: I really, really, love Central Park. And New York, in general...(sigh). What a city! 
Last weekend the weather was so beautiful, and the park was so alive and brimming over with friends/families/dogs/beauty, that my heart absolutely swelled. And I declared to Dan and Miles, in that very moment, that I was falling in love with New York all over again.
Because, you see, sometimes New York really wears you down...strips you of your confidence, your energy and your patience. There are really loud horns blown right in your ear, scary stories about pedestrian accidents that happen literally moments and blocks away from where you are standing with your little one, rain storms that soak your jeans and turn your umbrella inside out, and hurried people pushing past you without so much as a 'sorry, sucker' or passing glance. Rough stuff.
And then you walk through Central Park on a perfectly non-humid, sunny Saturday with your handsome husband and your little nugget and all is forgotten. Life is good again. New York is not just good, but perfect, and you feel so happy you think you might burst. I mean, let's not forget, this was my DREAM, people! (I do often times forget).
In these glorious moments, there is most definitely talk of never leaving again. Ever. And you remember all the good times, her warmth, the magical-ness
And there is love. And thankfulness. And lots of both. 
Thanks for the reminder, New York.

{coming soon: beach pictures! we've enjoyed a lovely long weekend in one of my (other) favorite place(s). photos coming soon...}

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