Sunday, September 30, 2012

12 months.

Time for an update! It's been mentioned before :) but Miles turned one on September 1st! Tomorrow he leaves 12 months behind for 13 months (they grow up so fast) and I wanted to capture this milestone month in words and pictures once again. Maybe the last for awhile... 
I feel like I say this every month, but it just keeps gets better and better! The older he gets and the more his personality develops, the more we begin to see how HILARIOUS and FUN this little person is. He is such a ham! And anytime he has an audience, the charm and silliness are cranked up to an 11
He will make a silly face and once he gets the reaction he wants, he will do it over and over again to keep you laughing. And if he doesn't get the reaction he wants, his little face falls. We are always trying to imagine what he might grow up to be one day. My latest guess is comedic actor :)
He's still a huge flirt. Dan and I are continually amazed at the lengths in which he'll go to get someone's attention, including cocking his head to one side, batting his eyelashes, shrieking, flashing a little, flirtatious smile. Where does he learn this stuff??! 
He's also become so curious lately. He'll lie flat on his belly to get a good look at what is under the couch, table, chair, etc., and he wants to know what is going on at all times, and how everything works. If he hears me making coffee in the kitchen, he will turbo crawl from the next room, making his little curiosity noises: "eh? eh?" or "da! da!"  He doesn't want to miss a thing!
His favorite spot to play is underneath the end table, contorting himself into a little ball in order to fit in the small space. He loves nooks. And pointing...he points at anything and everything now -- clouds, trees, dogs, squirrels, lights. We try to label everything for him in order to help expand his vocabulary. 
He is more interested in playing with toys than he used to be and can entertain himself for much longer these days. At the top of his list are bouncy balls -- he is actually really good at throwing them, sometimes clear across the room!
He's been taking steps all month -- 11 steps is his record -- though he still seems to prefer crawling as his main mode of transportation. Can't say I blame him, he's so fast! 
Sleep is still really good (thank you, Lord!) and overall he is an extremely happy and energetic kid. Lots of love and good times flying around these parts lately :) 
(compare to one month. crazy!)


Steve Finnell said...

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Anna said...

Love the pics and update! Can't wait to meet the little flirt! :)

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