Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday picnic in the park!

I am terribly, embarrassingly late with this post, but thought I'd share some of our favorite photos from Miles' 1st birthday picnic in the park! 
It was a beautiful, sunny day, and although Miles decided to skip his afternoon nap before the party (they must somehow SENSE when it's extra important that they nap, right?!), he managed to stay happy and distracted by all of the excitement. And red balloons! The kid loves balloons.
We wanted to keep it easy and casual so we gathered at our favorite place, Central Park, and set out a bunch of blankets where our friends and family could join us. 
My favorite moment was when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. He looked all around with this little, bewildered smile as if it to say, "For me?!" So cute.
Second favorite moment: watching him tear into his (special allergen free!) cupcake, which he enjoyed immensely :)   
It was exactly the low-key, New York-y kind of party we wanted and envisioned over a year ago, before Miles was even born, when we realized he was going to be a late summer/early fall baby. "Oooh, maybe we can do birthday parties in Central Park with all of our friends!" Check. :)

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