Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend snippets.

i feel like a new woman! out and about and on the go for most of the weekend, was i. 
 today, after the crazy storms/tornadoes of saturday passed, the sun came out and you could almost smell fall in the air. breezy and lovely. here we are, miles and i, taking a little rest on a bench around w. 72nd after a stroll down broadway. right after this photo was snapped, a pigeon pooped on me. and then he pooped on dan. 
there were also some kid-free happenings. like a show at caffe vivaldi! followed by village-wanderings and mexican food with friends.
and brooklyn.
brooklyn! not only did dan and i venture out of our neighborhood, but we went to a different borough all together. AND we stayed out til' 2am. both nights. wild. (and, yes, exhausting) there was a good friend and a party in brooklyn, you see. a party which ended in a spontaneous jam session. you know that's a sign of a good party. 
i felt young again! carefree! (and yes, very, very tired) 
but also carefree and young!
such a good weekend. 
it was nice to get acquainted with you again, new york.
and coming soon: miles' birthday-in-central-park photos! 

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