Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jamaica and other thoughts.

How is it the 19th of December already?! I truly don't understand where the time is going. We've been back from Jamaica for over a week now and have been lost in a fog of Christmas preparation, sad, sad news (my heart absolutely aches for those families and the town of Newtown), and gray weather.

This season always feel like a tiring whirlwind, but especially so this year since my body is not operating at it's full physical capacity. Which means a lot of online shopping and not nearly enough out and about New York Christmas magic. In truth, New York is kicking my butt lately. I feel so tired. So tired. It is a kind of tired that it difficult to describe to others. It's as if the moment I step outside, the city yanks all of the energy and life out of my body. Ok, that sounds dramatic, but it's true! Turns out this city is *not* the most relaxing place to heal from brain surgery.

In contrast, Jamaica (or any tropical location, I imagine) most definitely IS the best place to heal physically, emotionally, etc.! And I completely credit the sun. I was a different person in Jamaica. I had ENERGY. I looked HEALTHY. I swam like a fish in the ocean and felt so wonderful! Of course there were moments when I had to stop and take a rest, feeling normal, post-surgery tiredness and effects. But nothing like the exhaustion I've experienced in New York. 

Coming home I assumed that I was "better" and could maintain the same pace that I did in Jamaica. But I quickly realized that was not the case after nearly fainting in Whole Foods from carrying too many groceries. Of course, everyone knows that vacation, especially in a relaxed, tropical place, is good for you. But now I have seen firsthand just how imperative and vital the sun is for our overall health, especially in a situation like mine. Time to start planning some winter getaways to Florida, I think :)

Oh, and have I mentioned how beautiful the wedding was? And how overjoyed/filled-to-the-brim I am? Sigh...there needs to be a whole section devoted to just that alone. It was amazing. And I feel such deep happiness for my beautiful sista/friend and the wonderful, perfect-for-her man that she married. The wedding was beachy and heartfelt and so them. Perfect. And now some pictures! Of love, sunshine and healing... 

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laurie said...

Yay! I would LOVE if you planned a trip to FL!! :) Sorry to hear about your NY energy level. I understand (maybe not to the full degree since you are recovering from your surgery) how draining the city can be. That's how i felt the last year-ish that i was there. Just exhausting ALL the time. I will be praying for you, that your energy will be restored sooner than later. Miss you lots!!

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