Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrity round-up.

Remember those trivial (but entertaining!) posts from years ago recounting my latest New York celebrity sighting(s)? Welllll after a recent flurry of star-studded activity, I thought I'd bring that back to the blog! The sightings of late: 

1. Taylor Lautner doing his own stunts on the set of his new movie in Riverside Park. Miles was not happy that Taylor and his friends were blocking off his play area. We may or may not be in the background (look for the redhead pushing a cute kid in a bright, blue stroller!). As I was cluelessly crossing the street, a crew member waved at me frantically to hurry up because they were filming. Fun :)
2. Seinfeld's mom (aka Liz Sheridan)! She was sitting on a park beach in Riverside Park. Classic New York character in the very neighborhood in which her TV son resided. Dan, a huge Seinfeld fan, was there to witness it. We considered that to be a pretty good one.
3. Mae Whitman walking right past us in Central Park. She carries herself and dresses exactly like her character on Parenthood (a favorite show of ours) and was immediately recognizable. She is TINY!! As in super skinny and petite. Another good one in our book.  
4. Okay folks...this is the REALLY big one. Are you ready? I exchanged pleasantries with......Kathleen Turner!! I actually didn't know it was her until I heard her speak and once she did I quietly breathed out an ohmygooooshhhh! into Miles' ear, since he was attached to me in the ergo carrier. We shared a narrow aisle at the market and she smiled at me and Miles as I tried to squeeze past her. Didn't click who she was. Then we tried to move past each other once again and she said, "Excuse me, I just need to squeeze past you here," in that unique, husky voice of hers and I suddenly realized that it was Chandler's dad behind me!! I stalked her a little after that to be sure. Yup. It was her.

Other unreported, random sightings in the last 2 years: Caroline Rhea, who I see EVERYWHERE. Seriously, have seen her at least 9 or 10 times in my neighborhood. We must be neighbors. And, last year, Woody Harrelson! We made eye contact as he passed me in a vegan restaurant on the Upper East Side. My face was frozen in that 'oh my gosh, that's someone famous' face, and Dan was very confused, seeing only my face, not Mr. Harrelson directly behind him. Ha :) And Dan's big celeb sightings of late: Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bobby Flay!

The end.  

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