Sunday, November 17, 2013

The In-Between Moments.

I had one of those random and unexpected parenting moments the other afternoon that I wish I could have captured on film to re-watch again and again. With Simon and Garfunkel playing quietly in the background (already helping to set up the perfect moment), Miles suddenly turned to look at me as I passed by him on the couch, with sweet, puppy dog eyes and a little whimper. "What's the matter, buddy?" He didn't say anything, just reached up for me. So I sat down on the edge of the couch and let him crawl into my lap. With his little arms looped around my neck and his head resting on my header, I rocked him as "Bridge over Troubled Water" played in the background. It lasted for one glorious minute or so before he squirmed out of my arms and ran off to play. But, ahhh, those few moments...bliss! Considering that he is a two year old, and full to the brim with energy, you can understand why this was a rare and welcome gift. I mean, yes, he might be the sweetest toddler I know (no bias here) but he doesn't sit still! But this. This stillness, the music, the out-of-the-blue snuggle. Sigh. 

I live for random magical moments like this! So much of life as an adult is such a grind, you know? It has to be, in some ways. How else will toilets get cleaned, doctors' appointments be made, diapers get changed, bills be paid? The quiet, magical moments in between help light the path along the way. In the midst of the daily storms of raising a two year old, you never know when or if the light will show up that day. But when it does, it seems to instantly release me from the restrictive burdens that come with adult life, lifting me up for a moment above the chaos, and bringing me peace.

As my mom told me, after I relayed my story to her of that sweet snuggle, try to remember it the next time a tantrum erupts or I think I'm not going to make it (a somewhat frequent occurrence!). In fact, there have been many tumultuous moments since that day, and just reliving the memory as I type tonight makes me feel more excited to face the day tomorrow. And hopeful that there will be an abundance of those magical, in-between moments to embrace. 

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