Friday, November 22, 2013

Randomness on a Friday.

First: I love this post (#thewearyourjoyproject), started by an artist I've been following for years, Kelly Rae Roberts. Her 'Wear your Joy' project has inspired me to reclaim my identity through style, something I was always big on in the past but has been hard to keep up with post-baby, post-brain tumor (both big-time pj wearing times in my life). And I live in Florida now (oh YEAH, isn't that weird?!) so I’ve gotten especially lazy in my style with all the sandal wearing and shorts/tees combos. And don't even get me started on my crazy Florida hair, thank you, humidity. So let’s just say that the inner, creative me that likes to be expressed outwardly on occasion has been pretty quiet lately, taking a back seat to convenience and comfort. Which doesn't always make me feel very pretty. Or productive, even. And brings me back to Kelly's post…her words really resonated with me and I think I am ready to reclaim my style and wear my joy. Because it really does make me feel better when I dress in a way that invites inspiration and confidence, like I am making the statement first thing in the morning that it *will* be a good day. Not sure I am brave enough to post daily pictures like others participating in the project, but I am going to try my best to start living it out (starting today -- here I sit in my stripey, long skirt and chunky bracelet. And my scarf has zebras on it. Zebras! :)
(hello zebras)

Second: Have I mentioned that we went New York weeks ago and that it was an awesome trip?? No? Man, so much catching up to do! It was a great, great trip for so many reasons. First, it was crisp and sunny, my favorite kind of New York weather. And then there was a whole pile of good news that we received from my doctors (the reason for the trip in the first place) and I feel so much better about things. a) the scan that I had while there showed great results again, stability and no growth, woohoo! b) all three doctors explained to me WHY I've been feeling the way that I have over the last 2 months, and reassured me that it is nothing to worry about. Whew. I learned that after you have brain surgery (or go through any type of brain injury at all) you have a much lower tolerance for stress and chaos than before (moving = stress/chaos, as does living with a two year old, FYI). So no more beating myself up about not being able to keep up at times and needing (what feels like) an excessive amount of rest sometimes. I just need a hefty dose of down time and sleep to recalibrate. Doctors’ orders. It was nice to hear, actually…to get “permission” from the professionals to be patient with myself and really, truly rest. You know, that is an incredibly hard to do thing. I realize now what a fast-paced life I’d been used to living for so many years. You don’t realize how fast you’re going until you slow down a little (or are forced to slow down). That’s the New York life though…fast, fast, fast, doing this, doing that, dodging people, running for trains…that city energy coursing through the veins. But I digress. The trip! It was dreamy and Dan and I agreed that, despite the busyness, it was a pretty perfect trip. There was time with friends, walks through Central Park, yummy dinners out. And after the good news from the doctors, we celebrated with beers at a pub in the Village (I had not had beer in over a year!). The pub was decorated for Halloween and so cozy and reminded me of the old days when Dan and I were dating...carefree, traipsing about the city, happily oblivious to the hard stuff waiting for us just down the road of life. Yes, it was a good trip indeed. That’s all.
(zebras again! and Dan)

Third: Speaking of Halloween (sort of) Miles was the cutest little pirate in all of Florida. Here…proof:

And finally: Life here is pretty good at the moment. And it feels good to say that. Yes, I still miss aspects of New York (of course), but the more we get connected here, the better it gets. Miles is happy here and is very much enjoying all of the outside time. We don't live downtown, but live in a community that is city-like and walkable which we purposely planned so as to avoid culture shock as best we could. Even so, there's plenty of nature for my little nature boy, and Miles is always collecting rocks or sticks or acorns and stuffing them into his push cart or pockets as we stroll down the sidewalk. Ha :) And I must admit that the sunshine feels wonderful, especially now that the really intense heat has died down, and I'm sure I will be all the more thankful for that sun come January/February. And the vegetation here! Ohh the vegetation. I swoon for all the palmettos and huge oak trees draped in spanish moss. Remember my Ode to Charleston post? Yes, I'm a sucker for spanish moss, indeed. And now a collection of Life Lately photos:

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