Thursday, November 6, 2008

kinda awesome

earlier tonight i had Ugly Betty on in the background as i furiously cleaned my tiny cluttered room, and there was this scene of Betty and her crew at a roof-top party...and as i watched the scene unfold in tv land i realized that i was RIGHT THERE, underneath that building in REAL LIFE at that VERY MOMENT! (okay, so it's maybe not *that* awesome. and there are probably more important issues to be dicussed on this blog. like the election. or the fact that i have seen TWO girl-fights break out on the subway TWO mornings in a row (one prompting a homeless man to yell out, "Come on, ladies...OBAMA! Think about OBAMA!") but i am too tired to discuss such things. and lately i'm all about the little things in life.) anyhoo. the beau and i were in that neighborhood on the night they were filming that episode -- it was actually the night of his b-day back in September and we were heading to one of his favorite restaurants, Resto -- and as we walked by we saw the big lights and the trailers and there was this big hullabaloo happening on a roof-top above us, so we made friends with one of 'guys' and he gave us the Ugly Betty 'scoop'. and now here it is! on my tv! random to actually catch this episode considering i never watch the show.

also, i know i haven't even begun to cover the last few weeks or my cousin's lovely wedding, so in a one-word recap: frickin-fun-amazing-beautiful-awesome (the wedding) and nuts (my life lately). i will leave you with a few of my favorite shots from the wedding weekend. yay love!

{bridesmaid luncheon -- the bride-to-be surrounded by good friends and good wine -- love this one}

{on the way to the ceremony .. aww -- love this one too!}

{there he is...! us at the reception :)}

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