Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another long day...

brooklyn bridge

Forgot my camera today, so wasn't able to capture the beautiful light dusting of snow we had this morning. Or the dramatic electric-blue sky accented with smoky purple clouds that hovered around the top of the Empire State Building after sunset tonight.

So (therefore) I am posting this old picture instead (sorry). It was taken last summer, I think. One of our favorite things to do in warm weather is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and spend an afternoon wandering around Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, daydreaming about living in one of those charming brownstones one day.

Not much more to say tonight. It was a long day. Again (I've had a lot of those lately). And I am so sleepy right now. Think I will go finish my book (which is one of the best I've read lately -- beautifully written, completely engrossing), then drift off to sleep.


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