Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still holding on...

greenwich village: evidently i'm not the only one still holding on to christmas

happy thursday. my day was eh. how was yours?

the highlights:
~i got to spend some time in the village, which is always lovely. and they were still sporting some serious holiday cheer which made me smile.
~i got a much-needed, long overdue haircut at my favorite new york salon.
~dinner with my husband at whym.

the lowlights:
~i was verbally abused by an angry postal worker at the grand central post office while running an errand for my boss. i do not like mean people.
~the trains were ridiculously crowded and sardine-like today. boo.
~work was a bit blah & slow, but at least it left time for some day-dreaming and etsy-planning.

overall, not a bad day, per se. i think the post office 'incident' threw a wrench in my day & made it a bit bluer than usual. again i say, i don't like mean people! why do they have to be so......mean?!


KristyWes said...

I got yelled at earlier by a guy pushing a pretzel cart down 5th Ave! And I witnessed a near-fight in my elevator at work. Peeps was *angry* today!

Candice said...

I hate when people are rude just to be rude!!!

That picture is AMAZING!! I wish I had spent some time in the village yesterday!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Laura Brown said...

I always wish that I could be rude back to the people who are mean to me but I just cant do it! One day though I will have a sarcastic comeback!

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