Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Grand (Central) Dinner

Grand Central ~ New Years Eve

Did you know that you can eat dinner *in* Grand Central Terminal? Like, up in a balcony overlooking the big ol' schedule board and the clock and all the commuters & backpack-clad tourists? All while sipping on a glass of red and cutting into a nice, juicy steak? It's true! We enjoyed a meal at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse (which sounds incredibly cheesy but was actually quite good) on New Years Eve and I have to say, it was very nice to be above it all ('all' being the chaos of Grand Central), as opposed to being in it all (where, as I've mentioned before, I sometimes fear for my life. Which sounds dramatic, but it's true. There are days when people come at me from every direction and I genuinely fear a stampede-like death). There was no stampede on this particular night. Just good wine, good food, good friends & awesome ambiance.

& ps: i (unfortunately) can't claim this rockin' photo for myself. the man behind the lens in this particular instance was my husband. thanks, dan :)


Candice Pair said...

I had no idea about that either...good to know for the next trip!

Laura Brown said...

That looks amazing!!

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