Monday, April 19, 2010

Brooklyn Love.

driving to Brooklyn

While taking our out-of-town guests back to Brooklyn on Saturday night (to where they were staying for the weekend), Dan & I saw just enough of cute neighborhood charm to really whet our appetites for more. So on Sunday, after our friends had left, we decided take the car out for a spin and do a little B'klyn exploring.

It's amazing how little I know about this borough. Aside from DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights, I really haven't spent much time there, but there is SO MUCH to see! For years I've heard about the charm of Park Slope's tree-lined streets and the cool, artsy vibe of Williamsburg. And now I can finally say I've seen some of that for myself.

We spent the afternoon in Park Slope lunching at an authentic Mexican restaurant, strolling through Prospect Park (which is, dare I say, almost as beautiful and impressive as Central Park) and drooling over all of the incredible brownstones. There was just so much charm. So many cute restaurants and boutiques. Loved, loved, loved Park Slope.

We then drove through Williamsburg and saw the many different sides of it, from the industrial parts, to the Hasidic Jewish community, to hipster artists hanging out in cafes. There were so many cute, candle-lit restaurants and cafes that we passed that I am dying to go back and try now.

Also on the list of Super Cute Brooklyn 'hoods: Fort Greene. Who knew? Not me. Again, quaint nooky looking shops and cafes and tree lined streets. Oh-so-cute.

Driving around all day, then back into the city that night, I was really struck with how HUGE New York is. I mean, from Brooklyn to Queens to Roosevelt Island to the Village to Chinatown to the Upper East Side and on and on and many neighborhoods, thousands of office buildings & apartment buildings, all full to the brim with PEOPLE. People living, working, breathing in this city every single day. It's ASTOUNDING!

Probably my favorite thing about the day was this tree in Prospect Park. It was magical. I wanted to picnic under it and talk about dreams and life and God and hopes and wishes. Don't you?

(Dan liked it, too)

Anyhoo, thanks for going on this little tour o' Brooklyn with me. Hope you enjoyed :)

*images don't necessarily correspond with text. in fact, all images are of Park Slope & Prospect Park since i pretty much slacked on the picture-taking after that.

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