Thursday, April 1, 2010


the upper west side ~ a snapshot of my day yesterday

speaking of yesterday (specifically, the buds), things are reeeeally in full bloom down here (down here meaning virginia, where we just arrived this evening. did i mention this? we are in virginia with family for the weekend celebrating all sorts of things. easter, babies (my brother & sister-in-law are having a baby! i am going to be an auntie!!), birthdays, etc.). anyway, everywhere you look things are blooming & sprouting & growing -- dogwood tree flowers, tulips, little leaves. everything looks so fresh & bright & springy. AND it's supposed to be in the 80's all weekend. the 80's!! which i so need right now -- still thawing out from all the cold NYC rain of late.

with all this celebrating, it might be hard to get on here again, so i think i will take tomorrow off. but i'll be back with (hopefully) lots of fun photos of the baby shower we're having & easter and the blooming flowers & all the rest.

have a beautiful easter & a very happy weekend!

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