Friday, June 11, 2010

A good day.

Grand Central Station

last day list:
~popped up out of the station this morning and saw this view. one more time. beautiful.
~a light day of work in an atmosphere of celebration. emotional, yes, but a really great send-off with a bunch of really lovely people (and champagne!).
~an evening of theater with some off-broadway friends and a lot of talent.
~picked up my copy of the bellevue cast recording (yay!), which i have to say sounds pretty freaking awesome (you can listen to a sampling here!).
~now watching dan excitedly watch the world cup opening ceremony (on dvr). i love seeing him happy and excited.
~can't help but think of the significance and timing of this article being published today. a well-needed boost to my artist's self-esteem and motivation (and just in time). one door closing, another one opening? i hope so.

see? a good last day, indeed :)

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