Monday, August 9, 2010

Where everybody knows your name...

The Bull & French Pub, aka the Cheers bar

We got to be tourists in our city this weekend since we had our first out of town guest visiting! We hit all the hot spots: the Charles River, Beacon Hill, Boston Common (the Central Park of Boston) and of course, the Cheers bar. Well, we didn't go in, but we stood outside among the other the camera-toting tourists and took pictures (well, I took pictures) and whistled the tune and all that jazz.

We also did a bit of a driving tour and I realized that there is still so much of Boston that I need to explore. So many nooks and crannies of city magical-ness. I still miss New York like crazy (had a dream about it last night, in fact: I was walking around Columbus Circle and felt so happy, so connected), but Boston certainly has a lot of city charm to offer. I just need to get *out there* and *in it*.

That's what is missing, I think. I feel a little removed from everything because we are living in Cambridge (which is across the river from Boston) and I am just not out & about as much. There is something about running around, feet hitting the pavement, that somehow connects the heart to the city, you know? I need that. A heart connection to my new city (beyond my Harvard Square bubble) feel like I'm in a place where I'm connected and confident, like I was in New York...a place where everybody knows my name and they're always glad I came (sorry, had to bring it back around somehow). You know?

That's all. Cheers & goodnight.

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