Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cities & Work, etc.

ol' chicago

Sorry folks, I don't have any footage of Christmas in Cambridge (or Boston) to share today, so it's back to Chicago for us! (the positive of getting stuck in Chicago for a day and a half longer: more time to wander those pretty city streets. the negative: it was 9 below with the wind chill, making city wandering a little painful). This picture was taken from the warmth and coziness of a bookstore on Michigan Avenue, where Dan typed a paper and I fretted about Etsy shipments. 

Speaking of, the madness continues! I'm learning all about what it takes to be a REAL working artist! And also about boundaries. As in: when to stop working to eat? And/or spend time with my rockstar husband? (who is today (and most days), a SUPERrockstar b/c he helped me out sooo much. with little things and big, like: fixing one of my sold items that developed a case of verybadairbubbles, sending me into a panic; calming me down from said panic; and driving me to the post office to ship things when I cut it too close to closing time to walk). So a BIG thank you and xoxo to DB today...you're the best!! 

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