Friday, January 14, 2011

Farewell, cold weather!

Harvard building, post blizzard

I  think I am starting to fully see & understand the infamous "Boston winter" that everyone speaks is. COOOOLD here! No doubt about it. Lucky for me, I'm about to trade in my furry boots for flip-flops. My winter coat for tanks & skirts. That's right! Heading to sunny Florida for a little family visit and some much needed sun-soakage! Ahhh, CAN'T WAIT. Might be on here next week, might not. Always depends on internet connections (and whether I feel like it or not :) If not, have a lovely week and I will be back soon with some fresh freckles and sunny, blue-skyed photos! 


jermaine said...

Hey Katie, enjoyed the blog and the photos. Looks like Boston is a winter wonderland. We got a lot of ice down here in Fredericksburg today, it was photogenic yet slippery. Peace and God bless.

That City Girl said...

Hi Jermaine! Nice to see you on here :)

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