Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New camera, birthday, Newport and Ragtime

Newport, RI

New camera: it was my big gift from Dan. It takes in-cred-ible photos, especially night photos (see above). Perfect for capturing twinkle lights and magic. 

Birthday: I had one over the holidays (I always do). Last year I went ice skating with Dan. This year it was tapas and wine with Dan + friends. Lovely. 

Newport: where New Year's Eve was celebrated. Which might sound random. But after two weeks of running around over the holidays, both Dan & I were about ready to collapse. We left our New Year's plans to the last minute (we always do) and so a couple days before, decided (while still in Virginia) what we really wanted to do was find a cozy b&b and r-e-l-a-x. So we scouted cities/available b&bs between VA & MA, and found ourselves in charming, snowy Newport. Perfect. 

Ragtime: had our first rehearsal tonight! (remember that audition?) And it was good. And fun. And I guess I will have more details to fill us all in on later as things further progress :)

That's all. Goodnight....!  

us at my birthday dinner (taken with new camera!)


Anna said...

Fun stuff going on! I'm interested in your new camera. We're thinking about getting one before our honeymoon. So question would be, is it easily portable? I'll have to check in with you in a month or two when you've had more time to play with it. For now I should probably focus on buying plane tickets!

That City Girl said...

Yes, it's definitely easily portable! That's what's great about it...it's got the potential to take fancy-camera pictures but is compact like a point-and-shoot :) I will email you the details!

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