Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips for Keeping Warm in the Great Tundra*

1) Convince your husband (who had the good fortune of no class on this particular day) to bake chocolate chip cookies. Eat them immediately, piping hot.
2) Keep your cozy, lounge-y clothes on. All day.
3) Even though it costs precious, hard-earned dough, keep that gas stove fire "roaring"**
4) Work from beneath a fluffy, navy blue blanket.***
5) Don't, under any circumstances, go outside.****

*Cambridge, MA, that is
**a gas stove fire doesn't really "roar," per se
***there is a fine line between "working" and "sleeping" when under the fluffy, navy blue blanket (the temptation was great, my friends, but don't worry...i didn't actually sleep. i was a good little worker bee!)
**** I managed to adhere to this rule quite well yesterday, but alas, today rehearsal called

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