Monday, March 7, 2011

Blogging thoughts.

Remember when I set out to take a photo-a-day of magical New York during the Christmas season (2007 and 2009)? Then in 2010 I decided to make it a New Year's resolution and post a New York photo everyday, Monday-Friday, in order to challenge myself to pay closer attention to my city-surroundings (and also to blog more regularly). 

And it's continued, for the most part, into 2011 and Boston. I had high hopes for this project in my new city, hoping it would motivate me to venture out and see more, experience new things, etc. Well, it's time to admit defeat. I honestly just don't get out as much as I did in New York (working from home is part of that)(as are the tundra-like temps)(and the fact that (I feel) there isn't as much to see/take photos of here)(no offense, Boston/Cambridge)). Most days, my little world is confined to the apartment or Harvard Square (which is small, small, small compared to New York City!) or driving to rehearsal/errands/etc., (and the highway views from my Volkswagen are not always so photo-worthy). So, all that to say, I'm scraping the bottom of the iphoto barrel these days, struggling to come up with new "material" for the ol' blog.

Now, I'm not writing all this because I plan to stop blogging or posting pics daily....I'd still very much like to strive to keep that goal. But it's all to say that I may not be focusing so much on daily city pics, specifically, and I may skip a day here and there, depending on whether there is anything to talk about. I don't want to become a "what I had for breakfast" blog, so this is all in effort to avoid that. I feel that my words and thoughts are sometimes (more & more lately) lacking a bit, and I think that's partly to do with always feeling like I don't have anything to say, despite my commitment to 'say something' every day

With that said, I'll probably see you back here tomorrow, anyway :) Goodnight, and thanks for listening (reading).


Terry's Girl said...

please know that we lurkers are out here, daily, loving your words, your pictures and your thoughts both up and down....keep on posting City Girl. We love your stuff.

That City Girl said...

Aw, thanks so much for the affirmation, Terry's Girl :)

Jermaine Lane said...

I hear you, blogging for yourself is much more rewarding than blogging about yourself (although sometimes eating a bowl of frosted flakes and watching the sunrise can be epic).

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