Monday, June 13, 2011

Midnight in Paris.

We had a lovely weekend -- the perfect balance of busyness and rest, fun and productivity (including things like a long leisurely dinner with friends and a headshot photo shoot for a friend - fun!). But I think the highlight for me was seeing this film, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris

It could have so easily crossed the line into cheesy-ness, but it didn't! So well done and interesting and magical, but without overdoing the magic, ya know? Sigh...made me want to go to Paris so bad. I was there a long time ago with a friend, right out of college, and it really is one of the most magical, romantic places in the world. We were silly 22 year olds who thought/hoped marriage was just around the corner (not exactly!) and talked and dreamed about going back one day with our husbands. 

Well, 11 years later, I am so ready to go back with Dan (with baby in tow), especially after seeing this flick! We'll strap our little boy into his baby bjorn and walk the Seine hand in hand, one little happy family. Hey, why not? :) 

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