Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation Snapshots.

A few fun snapshots from our vacation last week (yep, I've discovered instagram :). It was a pretty dreamy five days. We worried it might be too hot down in Florida this time of year, but the ocean breezes were so strong and cool that it really wasn't bad at all. 

We spent two nights in Miami and three nights in the Keys. Both places were special in their own ways. And the water...oh that clear, turquoise water! Made me feel like we were somewhere way more exotic than Florida (which is pretty much what we were after). 

Most of the time we sat by the pool or the ocean sipping smoothies made with fresh fruit while reading our books, but there were other fun things, a boat ride! And snorkeling! I just love being on/near the water. It soothes my soul. 


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