Tuesday, June 7, 2011


a little taste of heaven ~ Florida Keys

We are back from a lovely few days in the Florida Keys celebrating our baby and graduation and all that good stuff.

Unfortunately, we walked back into a whole big pile of Bad Luck, which is quickly erasing all that good fun and relaxation we just experienced. Ugh, Reality. It's a list too long to relay (you know how they say bad things happen in threes? not so much over here....more like sevens) but includes fun things like: an ant infestation in our apartment, and our car being towed over the weekend -- that is, after it was flooded and damaged by a water main break on the street where it was parked, and -- well...much more. Sigh...I keep crying uncle but the bad stuff keeps coming! Thankfully all the really important stuff is okay: baby is healthy, we are healthy, we're all safe. Trying to keep that perspective in the midst of all these major annoyances. 

More lovely (happy!) Florida pictures coming soon...!

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