Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some news!

Boston skyline on the 4th of July

Well, I think it's time to finally (officially) spill the beans on here. We are saying farewell to Boston in a few weeks and moving back to NEW YORK!! It's a loooong story, but I will attempt to share the cliffs notes version here now :)

We really had no idea what would happen post-Harvard -- whether we would move or stay and where would be going if we did move. And I honestly had no idea if New York would ever enter the picture again. Dan had been working on developing a new business venture during his time here that got a lot of traction throughout the year, but it was an up and down roller coaster ride not knowing whether they would receive funding or get the idea off the ground. In the meantime, he was applying for jobs all up and down the East Coast as back-up. 

Then we got the best news last month -- a group of investors decided to invest in Dan and his team and their idea! Amazing! They've been up and running ever since -- so exciting and I am SO PROUD of him.

Although there will be a team based up here in Boston, they needed a team to get things rolling in New York for a number of business reasons, and so we decided to move back (a no brainer, really -- we love New York (obviously!), not to mention it's much closer to family and friends and with a little one on the way, the last thing we wanted was to be isolated and far away from everyone). 

Sooooo, it's back to the Big Apple for us! So so excited. It was pretty much a nightmare trying to find an apartment (but we finally did! UWS!!) and there have been so many details and glitches and hang-ups along the way that I was nervous to even say the words out loud let alone in writing. But now it appears that everything is in place (at least, we think so!) and we are scheduled to leave at the end of the month! 

Not really looking forward to moving at 7 months pregnant. Or finding a new doctor and hospital (anyone have any recommendations? seriously? :). SO looking forward to being back in a community of people who know and love us. And being back in a city that makes my heart sing....!  

And there you have it...our big news! The next few weeks should be interesting with all the packing that needs to be done (and I move like a snail these days) and all the Boston/New England fun we'd like to experience before heading out. We'll have to see what we can do -- and I will try to capture some of that on here as we go! 

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