Monday, July 11, 2011

A trip to the North Shore.

 the North Shore of Massachusetts, taken w/ instagram app 

Last weekend we actually had a car again so Dan and I went on a little adventure (we had to rent one since ours died :( remember this post? about the flood? yeah, I never followed up on here b/c the ending was just too sad. our little car didn't make it. luckily insurance took care of the cost, but that doesn't make up for the inconvenience and sadness of it all. sigh). Anyhoo....we rented a car on Sunday to go look at possible replacement cars, and on a whim decided to go for a ride up the coast. 

I'd been itching to do something a little different and explore a new pocket of New England, and so we decided to visit some of the little towns up in the North Shore that we hadn't been to before (we'd only seen Gloucester and Rockport last Fall). It was perfect weather for such an adventure.  

As we drove along the coast, popping out to take pictures and breathe in the salty sea air, it seemed like all the craziness and anxiety surrounding us during this transition just vanished. What is it about the sea? The sound, the smell....I just love it. 

We eventually ended up in the little town of Manchester-by-the-Sea where we parked ourselves on a bench in the sunshine with ice cream cones. A very simple, but beautiful afternoon trip. (Also fell in love with the little village of Magnolia, MA).


Ylenia said...

Very, very beautiful pictures!!!

Yle by Fashion Ave

That City Girl said...

thank you!

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