Monday, May 21, 2012

8 Months.

Hard to believe, but Miles turned the big 8 Months on the first of May! This has been the most fun month yet (and most challenging "photo shoot" so far -- he is always, always, on the move these days!). 
 This was a big month for our little man...two (2!) teeth popped up giving him an even more adorable grin. And crawling! He is seriously on the move now, scooting and crawling all over the place, getting into everything. Which means gone are the days of just laying him on the floor to coo and quietly play with toys. Nope. Can't take your eyes off of him because if you're not looking, he may just eat a kleenex. Hypothetically. Or not (ahem)(he's okay). 
It also takes about 10 minutes and a team of professionals to change his diaper now. He hates to lie still on his back when he could be doing something more interesting like flipping over, getting into his bin of (clean) diapers, sitting up, turning, name it.
He is now starting to get humor and jokes and will predictably laugh at certain silly things I say or do (his laugh is my most favorite sound in the world). He loves peek-a-boo, especially when you pop around a corner, and also loves story time, actually giggling and making his little excited noises (which include major spit bubbles) when we pull out certain books he likes. It is so fun to watch him react and engage in the world now.
He still loves solids and is a champion eater. Our favorite is when we don't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough and he sits there with his mouth wide open, like a little baby bird.
He is really into the swings these days and loves watching other kids, so we frequent the playgrounds at Riverside and Central Park most days. Overall he has become much more social and outgoing around other people when we are out and about, which I am glad for (as a former painfully shy child, I wouldn't wish that for him. not fun.)
an example of his 'moves' :) this all happened in the span of about a minute

Some days I feel as if my heart will explode for this little guy. He seriously brings me so much joy. Dan and I sometimes (okay, almost every night) sneak into his room to watch him sleep. Brings tears to our eyes. So blessed. 

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