Sunday, April 28, 2013

In bloom.

It's time to dust off the ol' blog, I think! I really don't intend to abandon the blog or fall into the internet abyss. It is so important to me to continue writing, not only as a way of connecting with the world and keeping a "journal" of sorts, but also simply because of the joy I get from writing. We have been back in New York for a few weeks now, and between adjusting to city life once again and balancing my full-time mommy duties for the first time in 6 months (which I can actually physically DO now, praise God!!!), there hasn't been much time or energy left over for writing. But I am here! And I intend to write and connect whenever I can.

New York is exploding with color and sunshine lately which so helps me and my ability to chase after Miles and maintain energy. When the cold, gray windy days sweep through it seems to take my energy along with it. And our health. We ALL got sick within 7 days of returning home. Really, New York?! I was a little mad at the city for awhile. We weren't sick at all while in Florida and then BAM! Colds galore. 

It is just a hard place to be sometimes (and I am not just referencing the sickness, but so many other factors as well!). It can be a magical place, a beautiful place, a place full of adventure and dreams and possibility. But underneath all of that the fact remains: it is also very, very HARD! And we are trying to figure out what that means for us at the moment. Nothing for now. But it's in the back of our minds. 

My focus for now, however? SPRING is here! And it's beautiful. Miles likes to play in the dirt underneath the trees in Riverside and Central Park, finding as many sticks and rocks as possible. I like to stand underneath the rainfall of petals that float down from the trees when the breeze picks up. As I said, there are so many magical moments to be found in New York...
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