Wednesday, May 4, 2011


nothing like a good read + (decaf) coffee

I finished Year of Wonders (good read) last night and was therefore finally able to dive into Tina Fey's book today (which has been staring me down from the bookshelf for the last 2 weeks ever since it arrived from the good people at Amazon). 

Be careful if you're planning to read this book: it's quite addictive! Hard to get much else done around here with her witty, charming stories beckoning me. I feel like I can relate to so many of her observations and anecdotes, strangely enough: I, too, cursed my too-big/frizzy, non-blonde hair as child in a time when stick-straight, perfectly smooth golden locks ruled the world (I really just wanted to be Olivia Newton-John, or Crissy from Three's Company). And her story about being roped into a random night-hiking trek in the mountains of Virginia by her crush during her one-sided college romance? Umm, eerily similar to that time I was convinced by my crush/one-sided romance in college that night-hiking around Great Falls (also in Virginia!) would be "fun" and "adventurous" (only to discover too late, like Tina, that I wasn't the only one invited along on the "adventure"). The things you do for stupid boys. But see?? It's like we're the same!! 

Anyhoo, looking forward to more random, hilarious stories and anecdotes. In fact, I am itching to get some bedtime reading in right now, so I think it's time to go! Goodnight, all...

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