Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(random) Tuesday thoughts.

more Boston blooms

~while it's strange to not be so busy anymore with rehearsals and shows and events, I have to admit: I'm digging the down time (and so is my tired body). 
~w/o all that activity, I'm trying to get back into yoga again now.
~I can feel the baby moving like CRAZY lately! so surreal. not big movements -- I can't really tell what's what -- but lots of flutters and pops and shifts. Dan even felt it for the first time yesterday! still hard to believe this is happening sometimes.
~dressing my ever-growing bump has become a  challenge (but is kind of fun, too :) it's like a whole new look to play with!). 
~as a result of the ever-growing bump, I'm down to only a couple of options in the pants department lately so have maternity clothes on the brain. this site has tons of cute things. I'm especially digging all the stripes. And this. Pretty :)

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