Monday, July 30, 2012

Summertime in the City.

Summertime in New York City is such a fun time. There are free concerts in the park, outdoor movies, outdoor dance lessons...the list goes on. Then there's all the other "regular" non-summer-specific stuff that goes on in the city, like Broadway shows and such. With a little one at home, I didn't expect to get out and enjoy summer in the city as much as we have, but opportunities kept popping up and great friends kept offering to babysit (seriously, we have the greatest friends -- thank you, friends!), and so we've gotten to do so many fun things these last couple of months. So much so that I've been too busy *living it* rather than writing about it (a lovely problem to have)! It's now a quiet Sunday evening and our weekend guests have left, the Olympics are on in the background (yay!) and I think I am ready to tackle this beast of a project. That is: The Great Summertime Recap of 2012. With pictures! Here we gooo
Back in early June, Dan took me to see Once the Musical -- it was my Mother's Day gift :) Oh good. Made me want SING! (I wrote about the movie back in 2007). 
a trip to Times Square to see 'Once'
We continued with the theme of music -- specifically Glen Hansard's music -- at the Beacon Theater at the end of June (I wrote about seeing him, along with Marketa Irglovahere and here). Another amazing performance by Glen...his music moves me.  
There was another unexpected trip to Times Square to see another Broadway show, Harvey with Jim Parsons, tickets courtesy of a dear friend. Such a fun and quirky show, with a star studded cast. 
Times Square (again)!
One of my absolute favorite things to do in New York is Shakespeare in the Park. Such a magical experience (2007 experience here). I've missed the last two years and was so excited to be able to go to As You Like It this year. The Public Theater always does a stellar job, and this year was no exception (and that setting can't be beat -- magic).
the setting - photo credit
That same weekend my dad offered Dan and I free(!) tickets to see the Beach Boys at an outdoor venue in Jones Beach, Long Island. Okay! Again, so thankful for dear friends who can babysit last minute -- we are so blessed. The concert was amazing. Seriously one of my favorite recent memories/experiences. I've always loved the Beach Boys (not quite as dear to my heart as the Beatles, but,, and this was the first tour in 50 years that included all of the original members. Plus UNCLE JESSE (John Stamos) ON THE DRUMS! :) There was something about their happy, surf-vibe music combined with the setting (right on the water) and weather (PERFECT, warm, breezy) that made it a perfect ten, over-the-top, special summer night.
Mike Love and Uncle Jesse!
Then a few weeks ago we headed to Lincoln Center with friends for a night of swing dancing under the stars at Midsummer Night Swing. SO FUN! And something I've been wanting to do every summer since I moved to New York, but somehow always missed until this year. Dancing + Lincoln Center + friends = AMAZING. Another magical evening in New York City. 
What else...oh yes, a trip to Brooklyn Heights! One of our favorite neighborhoods in New York, and a place we (well, I) daydream about often. 
There was also a walk on the High Line:
My first post-baby gig at Caffe Vivaldi
A girl's night out in the Village for a dear friend's engagement (HOORAY!!!!!!): 
And lots & lots of picnics and outings in Central Park with my best bud:
Not a bad summer at all!   
(congratulations! you've completed reading the longest blog post in the world)

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